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Steal Away

When the smart and talented Anne Ledwell graduates from Penn State University in 1977, her parents gift her a trip to the British Isles. She’s looking forward to the trip as a break from her frustrating job search in New York City, but the last thing she expects is to fall into the arms of a handsome Scottish balladeer.

Grant Donaldson is smitten with the young American woman after just one short evening together. He’s committed to seeing her again, but how will she feel about him once she knows his past?

A powerful story about family, faith, friends, and strength of character, Steal Away will steal your heart.

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Beso Dulce

In 1980, recent art history graduate Katerina Steiner sets out for Europe to reconnect with her only living relatives since the tragic death of her parents the previous year.

Stopping first in Paris, she catches the eye of another foreign tourist while visiting the Louvre —a handsome businessman from Sur Baja, Mexico. After a brief romantic encounter in the City of Light, Katerina eventually returns home to find her former college beau is hoping to recapture her attention, having being apart for a year.

How will she choose between one with whom she has fond history, and one whom she wants to know better because of their recent history?

Beso Dulce is now available on and Barnes & Noble!

Page Turner

In 1960, Page Holden leaves her small-town life behind to pursue her dream of becoming a concert pianist. She’s eventually accepted into Ohio State’s prestigious School of Music, but a college campus in the sixties can be a tumultuous place for a sheltered Midwestern girl.

The master teacher she’s assigned to is the infamously difficult Professor Weiss. But his demanding criticism is tempered by the encouragement Page gets from John, a handsome young doctor with an interest in classical music--and a particular classical musician.

Yet even John’s attentions are more complicated than they seem, testing Page’s resolve and identity. Can she stay true to what she believes and still find happiness, even with so many distractions?
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Flight Risk

In 1959, Prudhoe Bonner lives with life and death situations all the time. The Anchorage-based trauma nurse is one of the only women in the new state of Alaska trained to handle airlifts, and she plays as hard as she works. Prudhoe has a catch-and-release approach to men. They’re fun to toy with, but her father proved to her that men really can’t be trusted.

Then Braedon Clarkson steps in and saves her—literally—when he takes the controls of their plane after the pilot dies in the middle of a storm. Braedon’s heroism catches the attention of everyone in Anchorage, but his own attention is focused on the petite, dark beauty who seems to calmly handle everything life hands her.

Braedon was a different kind of man, one who seems to genuinely respect and support Prudhoe. But would she give him—and the faith that sustains him—a chance?
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